In the last year I recived over 100 spam calls on my land line so I decided to finally do something about it and have a little fun with them.

Bringing to you “PhoneSpamBlock”.

It’s not much but its pretty effective. With a few lines of code and the help of the linephone SDK and the C# wrapper I managed to build a neat little tool.

You can find the code here or a compiled version here.

To use it you just have to create an VOIP device on your fritzbox or other router.

Then call PhoneSpamBlock.exe

  • -api [Apiurl like]
  • -keyword [String to find a bad scored number]
  • -regex [regex to filter numbers]
  • -server [Your VOIP server]
  • -user [Username]
  • -pw [Password]

You can set comma/new line separated white and a black lists in txt files. (Change requires application restart)

These lists can contain nummers with *. 0049* blocks all calls from germany for example.

If the bot answers the call a random file from the sounds directory (not includet for copy right reseasons) is played and the call is recorded.

You can create folders inside the Sounds directory named like the start of a number to play certain files for special numbers only. \Sounds\0049 for media for calls from germany only.

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