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Houston formally known as “LauchPadForOBS” is a controller software for MDI devices

It enables you to control your OBS with any MIDI controller e.g Launchpad. But also supports virtual clients so basically every browser can be your controller.

If you don’t use OBS you can still use it as an freely programmable macro keyboard/soundboard

Feature list

  • Control OBS with your MIDI device
    • Support for studio mode
    • Preview scenes
    • Switch between scenes
    • Show/hide scene items
    • Volume control
    • Control stream/recording status
  • Soundboard
  • Launch keyboard macros
  • Launch CMD commands
  • Open urls


  • If you had “LaunchPadForOBS” installed, please remove it before installing Houston.
  • In order to comunicate with OBS you need to install OBS-websocket.
  • You have to have .net framework 5 installed
  • An SSL certificate is created during the installation, this process may fail. To still use the virtual keys, please execute the following command: dotnet dev-certs https –trust


You can download Houston here

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4 Responses to Houston

  1. Dave says:

    hello how do I install the .msi file on a mac?

    I have installed .net framework and obswebsocket as instructed but now I can not install the HoustonSetup.msi

  2. Marto says:

    hello, how do you put “play” of the spotify application in a macro?
    thanks, excellent application

  3. Daï-mon says:

    Hello and thank you for your work

    Unfortunately, the download button doesn’t work currently (september 2022)

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